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Christophe Goncalves – Sourcing and sales manager

A recognized expertise

At Classic Autostore, Christophe Goncalves is sourcing and sales manager.Fluent in English with a good experience about the USA 911 market, he is travelling there on a regular basis to buy some of the best classic G series 911’s.

His sourcing criterias are simple: he is buying only the best 911 with a traceable service history and ownership which is a quality warranty for our valuable customers.

A passion for a living

Since his childhood Christophe has always been fascinated by the Porsche brand, below are the keynotes:

Those cars are very well made, easy to drive in today’s traffic, they are aging very well compare to other brands from the same era, economic to run and to keep, they’ll always put the smile on your and each other’s faces when driving.

That’s what we can call an early 911 passion :

I have been getting summer jobs young and saved money to buy my first Porsche, I didn’t even passed my driving license when I bought my first 911 E 2.2L from 1969 for 37000 francs (5640 €)

For any requests or questions don’t hesitate to contact Christophe !