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Classic Autostore is now open

Classic Austostore located in the heart of the automotive area 175 rue de Gouesnou crossing Boulevard de l’Europe in Brest.


Classic Autostore : The G series cult.


Next door to the brother ship Premium by Autostore dedicated to the high end brands second hand cars, Classic Autostore is now fully operating.With a 450 square meters showroom dedicated to the G series Porsche 911 from 1974 to 1989, Christophe Goncalves is running this original concept.

From USA to France

Those bulletproof G series 911 are well known for their qualities during more than 30 years and there is nothing more to say about their reliability.

Coupe, Cabriolet, Targa, Turbo or Speedster any model on show in Classic Autostore showroom has been meticulously inspected by Christophe before being imported from the United states.
From his childhood, Christophe is traveling regularly there to find the best, good quality and rare cars, he is connected with some skilled trustfull contact.

Our 911 are containerized and shipped from there to Le Havre in France, then on show at Classic Autostore where you will discover them in a dedicated univers.

See you soon for an unforgettable moment…