Our concept

Classic Autostore is an innovative concept for demanding lovers and collectors of prestigious motoring.


At Classic Autostore we are selling only Classic Porsche from one era: 911 G series from the seventies and eighties built between 1974 to 1989 in different versions, Coupe, Cabriolet, Targa, Turbo and Speedster.

The Porsche 911 is the most desirable car made by the Stuttgart entity, fascinating every one by its historical evolution, body shape, reliability, prestige, performances and legendary versatility; the G series is bringing together all those qualities with a touch of retro classic look; affordable to buy and to use, they are the best compromise for the sensible and passionate owners.

Classic Autostore is importing most of their cars from USA, Christophe our Sourcing & Sales Manager can count on a rigorously selected skilled professional network to find good quality cars when he is chasing for rare birds regularly there to make our European clients happy.

Why the USA? About 60% of Porsche production has been sold there, there is many 911s enthusiasts, the P.C.A(Porsche Club of America) is particularly known and many owners are members, our friends from America are very enthusiasts about the brand’s cult, Christophe during his trips across the USA chasing and founding some of the nicest cars has met so many wonderful knowledgeable and skilled people.


Classic Autostore is bringing a new dimension in classic car trading; it’s not only selling a Porsche but to create a link between a passionate amateur and a passionate professional, brand connoisseur; Christophe make a good selection of 911 drastically chosen, his criteria are very selective, his network reliability and his recognized expertise make it like he is buying the car first for himself before passing the passion to the new owner, when it comes to choose his skills and knowledge are precious and welcome as you don’t buy such a car every day.


The shared passion is asking for a loyal relationship based on a mutual respect; each of our Porsche have a unique history; they have been driven proudly by their previous owners; their exceptional proven reliability doesn’t mean than they don’t need any care and service! This is why Classic Autostore got a partnership with our Porsche specialist PMH (Prohet Motors Historic) whom check and service any of our Porsche before delivery: The new owner is driving his turnkey 911 back home with serenity and peace of mind.

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